FREVASEMA - A Co. Ltd by Guarantee (Not for Profit)

The Fresh Vacuum Sealed Matooke (FREVASEMA) started in 2008 under Presidential Support to Scientists as a Research Project and was given a Financial Support.

FREVASEMA became a patented bio-innovated product of cooking bananas (EA-AAA genotype) and the project was awarded a patent in 2009 under the Patents Statute (1991) of the Republic of Uganda. This project also acquired the (US FDA) Food and Drug Administration Certificate in 2010 and has exported over 140 MT to USA and Australia thereby causing significant impact to farmers as a community outreach activity from academia-University (Kyambogo University) with value addition to matooke to last for 6 months in deep -frozen conditions with full palatability in taste and aroma(flavor).

"Royalty percentage has been charged on licensed 2 private companies called Afribanana Products Ltd and Ratel Company in Uganda. Direct and indirect employment has been created reaching over 200 farmers in the last about 6 years. The patented method of processing a long-shelf life cooking banana is being commercialized as industrial product, licensed on a non-exclusive basis."

— Prof. Byarugaba Bazirake George, Executive Director

Product exportation to USA and Australia has benefited farmers, transporters, consortium members, students /interns and general economy of Uganda with foreign currency, employment with diaspora export product.

FREVASEMA Project became an anchor unit for expansion and formation of Afribanana Products Ltd which won a grant totaling to USD$ 2.2 million dollars for a consortium that trained over 400 interns and created over 250 direct and indirect jobs, reaching 3500 farmers and producing over 10 innovated products.

Novel products in edible insects cookies and cakes, blended banana and hibiscus wines and enriched animal feeds will avail new products of nutritional value to both human and livestock and furthermore exploit intellectual property (IP) opportunities in the knowledge and technology transfer (KTT) services for societal problem solving and result oriented projects in communities.

FREVASEMA partners with vendors all around the world and cities to build and operate local banana value addition.

Our external advisory board, this year consisting of 24 experts from 20 leading global research organizations, plays a crucial role in assisting us in vetting solutions to ensure that our evaluation criteria are upheld.