Banana Products’ Marketing

Product marketing is a process that involves product packaging, promotion, selling and distribution of products from producers to final consumers.

a. Product packaging

Product packaging is considered as the ultimate opportunity for producers to communicate the brands' message visually positioning the same as a better choice than any of its competitors. It’s also a buying point for consumers by delivering a sense of quality while also reflecting the products demand image.
Its critical in retail sales where the right packaging design can attract consumers eye prompting to buy the product. Products that that are well labelled and graphically designed influence potential buyer to get attracted to the product on the shelf.

b. Product promotion

This is identified as a major tool to boost product sales. Banana value chain products have been advertised on radios televisions, newspapers, talk shows, trade shows. This has created awareness to the public about BVC products hence creating more market and increased product demand.

During product promotion, products are given out to consumers for tasting at a low price than the market price and at times products are also given out for free.

c. Price effect

Price of the product has a great effect on sales and demand for products. It has been observed that the higher the price the lower the demand for product and vice versa.

BVC products have been well costed and priced according to the costs involved. Prices attached to the products are much favourable to the final consumers.

d. Market for the product

The market is a great factor in BVC products, the business firm needs to widen the market for its products and potential customers need to be identified, this can be achieved by opening up the web site for information dissemination. BVC products can also be sold in supermarkets, hotels, farmers, trade shows, retail shops with in the country, regional and international market.

e. Product distribution

This is the act of transporting products from producer to the consumer. BVC products are distributed using chilled trucks for the perishable products such as fresh vacuum sealed matooke, Van and motorcycle for other products (wine, juice, feeds, snacks & chips).